Ringed Drag Strip

Ringed Drag Strip

In this car racing game, you can also choose the single race and quick start mod

Ringed Drag Strip will make you feel adrenaline with a special race in a computer game. This game shows different 3D game options, like single races, grand prix, training prefereces of video, sound, views and cameras, at the same time, each game gives you the choice of teams, car, pilots. Prefrences will give you different scenarios, buildings and skys arround the place.
In order to control the car all you need is your keyboard, arrow keys to accelerate, brake, turn left and right, tab will give more power engine, F1 and F3 will give you different camaras 3D views of the race. During the race you will find tips, screen indications like maps of the roads, your speed and some tips in order to get better score and places between your opponents. Training program is not the only way to learn and get better scores, you can also choose 3 different levels, easy, standar, and hard.
The main objective of this game is to beat your opponets in a F1 race car. Sounds and effects on this game introduce you to a great experience and simulation of a car racing in your computer.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Good Simulation in 3D Drag race car


  • Because of the heavy graphics, the pcs performance may be affected, we recommend to play it with all applications closed
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